Games of Veszprem International Art&Sport Festival

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Games of Veszprem

Welcome to the website of 'Games of Veszprem' International Children and Youth Art Festival-Competition!

This festival - Games of Veszprém - has been organised annually since 1999. More and more participants spend here these few days year by year, so up to now 20 countries and10 000 children could perform at this festival. Our aim is to help the Europian children and cultures meeting and knowing each other. In consideration of the big success and interest for the festival, since 2007 'Spring Games' Festival has been organized too.

Fo more info about the festival (programs, conditions, participation fee etc.) please contact us!

The 15th Games of Veszprém had a great success


It was the 15th time that the Games of Veszprém, an international art festival and competition was organized. It took place in the ‘city of queens’ in Veszprém. The festival is known internationally and its events attract more and more visitors.


The program first has been organized in 1999, created by József Domokos, who unfortunately passed away in 2011. Originally it was a competition for children and young amateur performers. Since 2009 also the adults have the chance to take part in.


In the past 14 years 24 nations took part with 15.000 competitors in this high quality but cheerful festival. From Hungary more than 100 settlements represented themselves.


This important event of Veszprém is organized in October and this year the list of participants has expanded again, because new participants arrived from Taiwan. The main aim is helping to meet and recognize each others’ culture.


The competition this year had such momentous protectors like representatives, the Mayor of Veszprém, the president of general assembly and a country-wide federation of dancing-masters.

The main supporter is the Gyermekmosoly Alapítvány.


On the opening ceremony Roland Dávid, one of the members of the jury and the host of the festival welcomed the guests. He said that the festival gained an international headship in the recent years. The competitors can prove their preparedness and compare their knowledge with children from other countries.

On behalf of the leaders of the city Lajos Némedi, the vice mayor greeted the participants. He stated that the leadership appreciates that Veszprém can be the host of this event. He added that the inhabitants are happy as well. Finally he wished the performers a successful competition and a pleasant time to be spent here.

On the jubilee competition which was organized in the Community Centre there was a wide range of productions. The participants could compete in different genres, such as singing, music, theatre, circus and eurhythmics. The jury used a qualification system to evaluate them.

In this year 300 participants arrived from 5 countries: Russia, Poland, Romania, Taiwan, and Hungary. Beside the professional work there was time for relaxation as well in the form of excursions in Veszprém, near Lake Balaton and in Budapest. In the city of the world-famous porcelain, Herend was a performance, with full house. The competition was closed with an awards ceremony. The dance school, named “Dance Class” from Russia gained the Jubilee Grand Prix, the Syalaba singing and dancing group from Poland gained the Singing and Music Grand Prix and the Jyu Kids Dance Company from Taiwan gained the Dance Grand Prix. A two-hour long Gala closed the for-day event. The most interesting and colorful productions could be seen here. Although the participation on the competition and gala was free for visitors, they could support the Gyermekmosoly Foundation by buying small gifts. As an accompanying program there was an exhibition about the past 15 years.


Overall, a very high-quality, diverse and enjoyable competition took place in the historic small town, and we managed to introduce our country to new visitors.

Games of Veszprem is coming in OCTOBER 2014 too!

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